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Remote Support


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"...We have used Club Support for several years, and they have consistently had a quick response time (both remotely and site visits) and the staff are very knowledgeable - specifically with Jonas software and a Club environment in general. They are always relied upon for their exceptional trouble shooting skills and they provide a great level of confiidence in the IT area..."
David Lamb (Controller) - The Boulevard Club, Toronto, ON, Canada

“...For the past 4 years, I found the service at Club Support very fast, efficient and reliable. Whenever we have experienced any problems or concerns, the customer service representative(s) are always willing to help. In addition, the cost of your service is very reasonable in the competitive market...”
Tatiana Kabanova (Accounts Payable) Royal Canadian Military, Toronto, ON, Canada

" ...Ever since we signed up with Club Support, our computer system has been worry free. All our solutions are a phone call away and it is a pleasure to work with all of the IT specialists at Club Support. Most solutions are dealt with remotely but if someone needs to be onsite, someone is here same day..."
Linda Loach (Controller) - Port Credit Yacht Club, Mississauga, ON, Canada

"...We are extremely pleased with the prompt, attentive and courteous IT service that Club Support provides at The National Club. It's very comforting to know that they are able to resolve most problems remotely without any impact on our daily business. Club Support is a true ally in the IT support industry..."
Ray Sakys - The National Club, Toronto, ON, Canada

“...We have been with Club Support since their beginning and they handle all our technical support including the network, software issues, individual work stations and telephones. Denis and his team especially Kosta keep us up and running continually and advise us of any issues that need to be addressed. Club Support is only a phone call away and the ability to connect remotely ensures prompt action to our issues. We trust Club Support 100% with our technical support...”
Karen Stacey, C.A. (Controller) – St. George’s Golf and Country Club, Toronto, ON, Canada

" ...WOW you guys are good! that is incredible service, I am in Spain and you guys get it done in 10 minutes, thanks !!! "
Ian Crebbin - York Downs Golf & Country Club, Markham, ON, Canada

“...One of the main reasons we are with Club Support is simply because we trust them and the quality of their work. In terms of tech support, there are many companies that can fix the problem. Club Support looks to prevent the problem. This is what’s necessary in our fast pace environment. Club Support provides intimate service. If we have a problem no matter the day or time, we are confident that we will be supported by someone that actually knows and cares about our Club. I think of Club Support Inc as problem solvers. Not only do they resolve our technical issues, but they have successfully installed our state of the art close circuit television system (CCTV). They liaise with our contractor seamlessly. Club support allows us to sleep at night. We know that if there are any issues, they will be taken care of immediately...”
Jermaine Brisset (CM) - Oakdale Golf and Country Club, Toronto, ON, Canada

“...Before we moved to Club Support I did not have confidence in the company we were using for our IT solutions. Their fees were high and I did not feel that we were getting value for our money. Club Support provides great value, both in their expertise in solving any issues that we may have, as well as in their recommendations for upgrading our hardware and software. After moving to Club Support I am seeing much better results in terms of dollars spent and the appropriate IT solutions for our business. Working with the staff at Club Support is a pleasure. They respond promptly and professionally. I would highly recommend Club Support to any business looking for an affordable and appropriate IT solution...”
Christine Dudley (Controller) - Oakdale Golf and Country Club, Toronto, ON, Canada

" ...I just wanted to extend my thanks to the entire Club Support Team. Especially Kosta and Alex, for your expertise and constant availability for support that are always extended. I know it wasn’t always easy with out last minute requests, and considerable lack of IT knowledge on my behalf. Your team was always willing to go above and beyond and help me at all hours of the day, and that is something you don’t see too often. Once again, thank you all very much, and all the best in the future!..."
Rachel Selbie - Production Manager, Toronto, ON, Canada

"...I have been very happy with the quick, efficient service that we have received from Club Support. They have always responded to my needs in a timely manner. I have not always found this to be the case with computer support providers and find Club Support to be a refreshing change..."
Laura Vanek (GM) - The Club at North Halton, Georgetown, ON, Canada

"...At Burlington Golf and Country Club, our dependence on technology continues to increase as the technology continues to develop. Strong and reliable IT support is crucial to our business, and that is exactly what we get from Club Support Inc..." Their expertise in every facet of the technology we use, be it hardware or software related, smartphone and mobile technology related or user support, makes them our firm of choice.
Trisha Scolaro (Controller) - Burlington Golf & Country Club, Burlington, ON, Canada

"...I am very pleased with the support that we receive from Club Support. Their IT support team is always ready to help and very friendly. I would recommend them..."
Mary Ann Bradley - North Halton Golf Club, Georgetown, ON, Canada

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